Notes for examinee taking exam in exam center

Does anyone can find some information about this?

For example:

  1. Apart from bringing the identity card for the exam center to validate the identity, any other things must need to bring?
  2. Do I need to arrvie the exam center a bit earlier, or just on time?
  3. Can I bring a botton of tea or water into the exam room?
  4. Can I bring any medicine into the exam room?
  5. Can I go to toilet during the exam?



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Starfighter Starfighter

Typically, bring yourself and your ID.

I've found that showing up early is OK; however, I've never been able to start the exam early. Showing up early gives me time to relax and study last-minute things. (You cannot take any study materials in.)

As to your other questions, they'll be answered when you're there. My experience has been:

I've been able to bring in bottled water. I don't take medication. I was able to use the restroom; however, the clock does not stop while you are away.

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