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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Online Exam iso Gnome login screen not coming (Blinking Cursor)

Hi guys,


This is really frustrating because I have spent 2000 USD to make a customized pc. I specially did that for Online Exam because full exam loads in Memory. But after trying 4 days, there was no way I could bring the Gnome screen working. I have even waited whole night. But stuck on blinking cursor.


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Hi @kaiser ,

Thanks for reaching out ! 

Sorry to know that you are facing an error with the ISO boot. Could you please raise the same with our exam support team who can help you better on this?

Please submit this feedback here :

Team will check this and respond with a proper resolution.

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I see you listed your CPU, and mainboard, you complain Wifi and internal webcam are not detected on the Mac...
Well...Did you even try to read the specifications? Did you make a quick look at the forum before you start blaming Red Hat? You would easily find an answer if you did.You would know:
An internal webcam is not required
An undetected wifi internal adapter can be substituted by a USB to ethernet or USB to wifi adapters
Gaming computers are very likely to be unsupported. Your computer is a gaming machine..

Or just use a bit of common sense:
Your Video card, your mainboard, and your CPU have been released way after the Fedora 33 release date (Fedora is at the end of 2020, and your components are mainly 2022).
How can you expect them to be compatible? Do you know any other operating systems compatible with the future hardware? There is none.
Your issue may be resolved by releasing newer exam ISO, based on the newer Fedora. Until then, I advise you to use an older, mainstream office computer, not a high-tech gaming machine.

Petr Cihlar
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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

You have totally misunderstood me while I posted something being frustrated.


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