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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

PE124 Certification Exam


I tried to take the PE124 certification exam last Sunday (January 8, 2023) in US. When I got to the first screen in the exam, the font was small on my laptop screen. So I tried to use the zoom option in my Chrome browser. I got a network error at that point. I tried with two different laptops. I got the same error. This seems to be a bug on RH side. 

I could not even start the exam. I requested a retake for the exam. This is the reply that I received after 5 days:

We have reviewed your session, we cannot provide retake for the exam.

Kindly purchase the exam again and try to attempt the exam again.

Thanks and Regards,
Red Hat Certification Team

Please soembody from RH advise on how to escalate this issue.


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