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Community Manager

Question of the week: What does Open Hybrid Cloud mean to you?

Community members have expressed the need to find ways to stay connected and engaged more than ever. Therefore we are kicking off the first question of the week and would love to hear from you! This is an informal, lighthearted conversation to connect with other open source advocates.

Question of the week #1: What does Open Hybrid Cloud mean to you?


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Starfighter Starfighter

To me, Hybrid Cloud refers to a combination of Public and Private cloud service.  Prepending "Open" to this, suggest to me that there's services that are available via an Open Source community that focuses on Cloud matters.

Trevor "Red Hat Evangelist" Chandler
Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

A combination of cloud and on-prem interconnected applications.  Usually, when legacy apps have been "lift and shift" moved to the cloud and involve pass thru authentication - for example, the client connects via SAML but auth eventually gets forwarded to a directory server that proxies the auth back over the vpn connection to the on-prem authority. The breakdown is really a matter of who owns or supports what/where. Open in this case would mean that the cloud hosted apps have public facing interfaces and/or can make outgoing calls (as opposed to being locked down via vpn to specific source networks).

What it does not mean (to me) is a hodge podge of services spread across multiple cloud providers. I have seen solutions hosted in pieces on IBM cloud, SoftLayer, Azure and/or on-prem with the data being relayed across the WAN to ICOS or S3 where it goes to rest - if it gets there. (smh)

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