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RHCSA 6 official syllabus


I want to know about RHCSA 6 syllabus and the course & exam code, I have already searched it on the internet but unable to find details on RHCSA 6 on redhat website, if is there any member who did RHCSA 6 by using official course can please confirm me the exam code EX- & course code RH- as I need to know about the syllabus covered in RHCSA6, 

or anyone can confirm in which exam version iptables, free IPA, iscsi storage, dhcp & bind was covered, I have recently passed the RHCSA 8 exam but in the organization in which I am working I have to work on above services & there's nothing best than the redhat's official course book as it is retired now if anyone can share that would be great.

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Starfighter Starfighter

I took the class "back in the day," (11 years ago) at a Red Hat Academy. The course numbers appear to be RHA030 and RHA130.

The RHCE course number appear to be RHA250.

Let's see:
iptables was covered in RHCE (RHA250)
DHCP (client) was covered in RHCSA (RHA130)

I don't recall Free IPA, DHCP (server), or iSCSI being covered in RHEL 6.

iSCSI was definitely in RHEL 7 (RH254).

I vaguely recall bind, but I can't find anything in the PDFs I have that cover it. It's possible I have other notes that do...

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