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RHCSA Vagrant Practice Lab

Hi all,

Where can I find the document with the questions to go along with this vagrant RHCSA8 study environment? -- GitHub - rdbreak/rhcsa8env: This is a RHCSA8 study environment built with Vagrant/Ansible

With respect,

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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Most folks will use similar labs like that in order to create scenarios that are similar to what is found in the exam objectives. RHCSA Exam Objectives 

Take for example the following to objectives: 

Operate running systems

  • Boot, reboot, and shut down a system normally
  • Boot systems into different targets manually

Once the lab is spun up you can take those objectives and practice them within the study environment. 

The other thing you can do if you're taking the RHCSA course in RLS is take the guided lessons and personalize them by using your own users, values, etc. just be cautious to help protect the value of the Certification by honoring your non-disclosure agreement with Red Hat. 

For extra practice and insight there are some really good books out there to help prepare for this certification, spinning up RCHSA study environment will allow for you to follow along in their examples and work on the "Labs" they put together to also reinforce the objectives. 

I hope this helps. 


Chris C.


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Does anybody know where I can find the practice questions for the exam?

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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Well, this is not the place where you can get exam questions as it's illegal to share any exam dumps. I would suggest to go to the exam objective page here:

Read through the objectives and learn those stuff. It's pretty easy and you can do with with normal CentOS 8 setup or download RHEL 8 but I guess someone might have had the same interest and built a home lab you can search for on the internet.

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