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RHCSA passed with no work experience

First saw Red Hat on a computer back in early 2000 of a friend who was doing engineering. Recently decided to pivot to tech by doing CCNA but decided to RHCSA first (and I did LPI linux essentials to see what I was getting into) did hours of labbing using an online video course and dozens of practice exams. I'm really keen to learn more particularly containers, kubernetes and security based concepts. Hope to get a job in entry level where I can use my linux skills. Got rejected by Red Hat recently for Technical Support position but I can understand that most companies really do not want to train people. Oh and I took the test online at home, I've done multiple tests online so it's not a problem. However RH was the only one where the proctor suddenly after an hour or so asked me to stop and show them under the table again etc. It wasn't a worry, just pointing it out as it hasn't happened on any other exams. Currently working on getting CCNA.

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congrats mate,  started prep for EX200 some inputs from your side will be helpful for me .

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