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Community Manager
Community Manager

RHLC May Challenge: Share your 2023 Learning Goals

We will be hosting a monthly challenge where community members who engage and contribute have the chance to win unique badges in the Red Hat Learning Community!

May Challenge: We hope you have set some goals for yourself to accomplish in 2023. Why don't you share them with this community and encourage other too? (It can be technical, professional or even personal goals!)


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Flight Engineer Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Suggestion: please add "cloud" word to certification names wherever possible, those topics will be my learning goals.  Seriously - having earned RHCA in 2019, many times I found that "AWS Practitioner" is way more popular and demanded on the job market.

Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

My goal until recently was getting the EX440 Rd Hat AMQ Administration but just when i was halfway the course, i found that the exam was retired!
Adjusting to AD482 Developing Event-Driven Applications with Apache Kafka and Red Hat AMQ Streams now.
Lets see if i can get that in 2023!


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