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Red Hat Developer Subscription for Individuals

More freedom in your practice environment
How do you practice your Red Hat Product skills? Red Hat Training courses provide a hands-on lab so that you can practice training scenarios. The hands-on lab is available at the training room or remotely available for Red Hat Learning Subscription customers. Also there are some other free hands-on lab opportunities, such as Katakoda. These labs are pre-configured and you can immediately start your practice. But if you want to practice your own scenario or create a special environment, you might want to deploy Red Hat products on your own servers. In this article, I would like to introduce you to a no-cost option for deploying RHEL (and other Red Hat products).

No-cost option for deploying RHEL
Do you know about the Red Hat Developer program? It’s a program that deals with software development on Red Hat Enterprise Linux(RHEL), Kubernetes, microservice, DevOps, and all other topics that software developers need today. Related to the Red Hat Developer program, Red Hat offers an Individual developer subscription (Red Hat Developer Subscription for Individuals) that enables you to access Red Hat products as well as knowledge bases of Red Hat Customer Portal. With the Red Hat Developer Subscription for individuals, you can download Red Hat products (incl. RHEL) and use them in your own environment. The Red Hat Developer Subscription for Individuals entitles you to full functional RHEL. There is no functional difference from the usual sold RHEL. So you can practice all the functionalities of RHEL.
Please refer to the Red Hat Blog article and FAQ for details.

My Use Cases
I have Vmware Fusion installed on my MacBook, and usually test RHEL on it. Since this is a local environment, it is easy to access and I can use my favorite terminal software (easy copy & paste and logging). Also I can access any version of RHEL (and other RH products). I can easily check the differences between RHEL7 and RHEL8. OpenShift is also available by Red Hat Developer Subscription for Individuals, but it requires a more powerful environment. So, I can’t test OpenShift much locally.
Anyway, the good thing is that it is a fully working subscription and I can access RH products almost the same as the sold subscription. (There are limitations, please check the FAQ).

How to get the Red Hat Developer Subscription for Individuals
First, you need to register to the Red Hat Customer Portal. If you already have an account, you can use it. Please go to the Red Hat Developer website, and log in with your Red Hat Customer Portal account. Then you will be asked to read and agree to two documents (Red Hat Enterprise Agreement and Red Hat Developer Subscription for Individuals). That’s all. Now the Red Hat Developer Subscription for Individuals is attached to your account. You can check it at the Subscriptions page of the Red Hat Customer Portal. You can download REHL from the Download page.

Enjoy your practice in your own environment!!

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