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Red Hat Enteprise Linux Contribution on CentOS Stream : Almalinux Team Contribution rejected

Hello... I just don't know why Red Hat reject this CVE that's submited by AlmaLinux team via CentOS Stream project.


That comment seems really un professional, and shouldn't be posted at all. It will cause another melt down from red hat team, and sending signal that centOS stream is just RHEL development branch that doesn't want to engage with community... in many federated network, this already exploded, and I think Red Hat need to calm down...

This really make a lot of local linux community in apac anoxious. Last time this has been a heating debate in Indonesina linux community, and mostly they are moving towards, competitor of RHEL, and mostly they are paid customer as I remember...

Globally, seems in many forums, some of the paid customer, indeed are silent, but they are moving to debian consultantcy.. this is bad news tbh...

Hope the engineering team can do better, having a great PR, and having a great approach for any contribution from community.

Long live EL Ecosystem

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