Red Hat Remote Exam ISO not working, continuous screen flickering

I have made a lengthy unsuccessfull attempt to set up my laptop for an upcoming exam. 

I was able to create the latest live boot USB based on the official guide here:

After booting, the live ISO loads itself into memory successfully and a setup screen opens. At that point, the screen start to jitter / flicker at any change. (ex. mouse move). I have checked my bios settings and this did not help either. This renders Red Hat Remote Exam ISO unworkable. 

I found people on this forum referencing: rhrexboot-2020-08.iso.

Booting the older ISO resulted in a blinking prompt. After a bit of debugging, I found out that the environment is hanging on “started gnome display manager”.

My hardware: 
Dell Latitude 7420
Intel 11-th Gen i7-1185G7
Intel Iris Xe Graphics

@Deanna Is there a possibioity to release a fix for this issue?

ps. I have found some realated bug reports:

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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Forget compatibility, similar to you so far I changed two laptop in last 8 months and reported issues to Redhat so far not even positive response

Infact to say laptop expenses costed more than total course fees plus exam fees. Really disappointing experience. I purchased laptop in the view of taking more Redhat exams in future.

But unfortunately this repeated compatibility issues ruined my future certification exams plan.

Taking or borrowing 10 year old laptop is not practical solution, I understand drivers development takes times but still it's should be generic. There are many reported bugs none was addressed.

Every new Redhat release 2-3 years certificate becomes "not-current", but they do not understand 10 years old hardware is "not-current".

If Tech Giants like Redhat reacts like this, what we can expect in future.
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I had the same issue for the RHCSA EX200, booting the newst exam iso on my lenovo p50 i7-6820HQ with NVidia M100M, it continued flickering after reboot without the boot stick for more than 4 days and in BIOS it flickers too. 

I made my Exam with a lenovo t430s i7 and onbord videocard, iso started and worked fine, but as i connected my Cherry USB keyboard and mouse with external HP Display, the tab - key for autocompletion wasn working (bash-complition was installed) the same with [^] - key. All works fine in the keytest at changing language and setting up keyboard on starting the Boot Iso. This were the reason i didn't pass the exam. It took much more time to list, search and remember all paths and names etc.. And the text Copy Paste didnt work in and between the machines too, just from Exam Questions to the machines. 

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