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RedHat for Testing for Students

Is there a way I can practice on RedHat, so I can prepare for the exam without costing me an arm-and-a-leg? I'm going to be paying for all this out-of-pocket, so I'm not spending thousands of dollars to pass the "EX200 - Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA)" exam.

Like, do I download an ISO for CentOS? Is there a special code students can put in, to procede to install RedHat? Is there some sort of free version to practice on? I will be planning on taking the "EX200 - Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA)" exam.

EDIT: I plan on running RedHat/whatever on VirtualBox (the free version).

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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

To setup a lab using  Virtual box or  Vmare workstation .. use  the no-cost  developer version
when I tried to setup the  the lab on virtual box , RHEL8 was not booting up properly.. so I used Vmware workstation.

to study, there are lot of  videos available in you tube.

Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

You can use virtual machines with the automated building scripts and then activate needed Red Hat subscription with already mentioned developers subscription which is free to use for home lab/home development.

I am using github RHCSA 8 Automated Practice Deployment powered by Ansible and Vagrant ready to use repository.

For the exam preparation read the Objectives and try to perform tasks needed to fulfill the objective.

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