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In my laptop(Asus Rog Strix g731gt) it doesn't have an integrated webcam, only one I have an external webcam of Logitech c270.

Am I eligible to give the Redhat remote exam?

If not how can I give Redhat a remote exam?

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A Logitech c270 does not auto focus (or doesn't do it very well at least), and you will likely have an issue with the ID verification as a result.  I used that camera for one exam, and I ultimately had to use my integrated laptop camera for the proctor to verify my ID.  This was during the internal testing for the remote exam capability, and it wasn't an issue.

Even with an integrated laptop camera, you need an external camera with a 1m cable so you can scan the room where you take the exam for the proctor.

I suggest you purchase a better camera with a good auto-focus capability before attempting a remote exam.

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Hi @mallmen 

I also agree with you, I did not want to force the candidate to buy a new one...

It's also limited FOV (60°), which is a pain for the room scan and proctoring, from a candidate point of view (you have to point your camera slowly everywhere).

Other candidates have started a thread here:


It's true that the autofocus not working could be a proctor, the proctor must be able to read the ID...

Also remember candidates can be creative, and borrow one, if possible.


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