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Request for RHCSA Exam Retake

I am writing to address a matter regarding my attempt to take the RHCSA exam. During my initial scheduled exam, there was a misunderstanding regarding the timing, which resulted in my inability to enter the exam. Unfortunately, I missed the opportunity to participate.

As per Red Hat's policy, I understand that candidates are allowed to retake the exam up to two times. Given that I have only taken the exam once, I would like to inquire about the possibility of scheduling a retake for my second attempt.

I deeply value the opportunity to demonstrate my proficiency in RHCSA and believe that with adequate preparation, I can successfully pass the exam.

I would appreciate your assistance in this matter and any guidance you can provide regarding the process for scheduling a retake.

Thank you for your attention to this request. I look forward to your prompt response.

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@Moustafa_Mamdoh  you should reach out to exam support team here : . I am not sure if they can help you as per the policy or not - but they are the right team to reach out to for any official response in this matter.

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@Moustafa_Mamdoh -

@Chetan_Tiwary_ is correct on reaching out for a retake of the original exam as they might be able to work something out with customer service based on your circumstances. However, the free "retake" you are referring to should already be associated with your account. You would have had the initial exam voucher for the EX200 and you will/should get marked as a "Failed/NoShow" if you were unable to get to the exam center or pull up the remote exam. Hopefully you notified them at that time to cancel your slot (but it would have been within the 24 hour window, so again nothing can be done there).

Once the FAIL/NoShow happens, you should be able to schedule the retake using the retake voucher as it should be available. I would still strongly recommend reaching out to customer service to see if there are other options available.

Travis Michette, RHCA XIII
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Flight Engineer

@Moustafa_Mamdoh All Red Hat exams will have one retake attempt by default with certain terms and conditions.

Retake comes into picture only when you missed to take your 1st attempt or you failed in the 1st attempt.

Also, the Retake is possible only within the actual expiry of the original subscription.

If a candidate have scheduled the exam on the last day of subscription and they missed to attend the exam or failed on that attempt, they cannot make use of the Retake option there.

If you missed or failed 1st attempt and if you still have enough validity on your subscription, you should be able to see Retake option on the scheduler within 24 hours of your 1st attempt and you can utliize that and schedule the exam again based on the availability of the slots.

Retake Press Release:

For any further inquires related to retake you can always raise a ticket with us at -

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