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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Requests instead of limits ResourceQuota in DO280 Lab 6 - task 6.2


There is something confusing in Chapter 6 (Controlling Pod Scheduling) of DO280 course (Lab 6 - task 6.2).

Instructions: "As the admin user, implement a quota named review-quota on the schedule-review
project. Limit the schedule-review project to a maximum of 1 full CPU, 2G of memory,
and 20 pods."

I suppose it is asking to set limits.cpu and limits.memory. But there is requests.cpu and requests.memory quota in a provided solution (--hard cpu=xxx,memory=xxx is the same as --hard requests.cpu=xxx,requests.memory=xxx).

oc create quota review-quota --hard cpu="1",memory="2G",pods="20"

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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

The limit statement on the review-quota lab (ch06s07) is related to establishing a hard limit for the CPU, memory, and number of pods.

You can try the following command with the --dry-run=client option to examine the resource manifest that would be created.

Screenshot from 2022-05-18 12-07-52 - ch06s07 - review-quota.png



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