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Share your workstation!

Something we can all appreciate is a good workstation. Reply to this thread with an image or description of your work station, whether in-office, remote, or traveling. 

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Flight Engineer Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

I have a MacBook Air (M1, 2020) 16GB RAM / 256GB SDD, and I am able to run:

  1. Code Ready Containers (Which I recently installed and it works really good!)
  2. Parallels Desktop with Windows 11
  3. OBS for training
  4. MongoDB
  5. Mosquitto
  6. VSCodium
  7. Garageband
  8. And so much more


I hope one day remote exams will be available for M1, I still need to borrow one x86_64 each time I take an exam.



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Starfighter Starfighter

9308395700_513562163943316_5773914675891098835_n (2).jpg

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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

1. Apple Macbook 16" intel i9, 32GB ram, 500GB SSD, i use especialy vagrnat + virtualbox, red hat openshift local, minikube, colima + docker

2. Lenovo X208 used for Red Hat Exams and like a very portable laptop. OS Always latest Fedora Workstation

Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

Mine is not the newest, but I love my Thinkpads - but only the ones with the Trackpoint(tm). The rest of the Lenovo laptops are just like all the other consumer laptops.

Thinkpad T450


As for the specifics of CPU, free and virtual memory - too nitty gritty, and I'm sure that won't be so interesting for all of you.


i5 Quad-core

Two 250GB SSDs - one SATA, one M5

Dual booting Windows 10 and Qubes OS

Just bought myself the matching docking station for cheap, so that I can have a few monitors in addition to the screen.

Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

My machine is from just before the before times started.

A laptop from system76 (galago model)

CPU: Intel core i7 1.8GHz 4 cores/8 threads


primary Drive 2TB NVME .m2 with a secondary ssd of 1TB (both are getting awfully full, sigh)

Run both VMware workstation, and KVM ... a lot

I can honestly say window OS has never directly touched this hardware (I have an old window 7 VM with data I just haven't pull off and a windows 10 I used to use when students needed help, and I just installed a test win11 machine (without TPM chip, btw!)

Using PopOS! 22.04 LTS as my distro but got hooked on Linux with Ubuntu.


Reently added a portable display to the mix so I can dual screen even on the road (the Pandemic made it so I could not do without dual monitors)

** quick question for all the windows users out there - I often attach my machine to a projector to teach. I've added the portable monitor and was able to mirror my portable to the projector and keep my primary separate for my notes. how easy is that to do in windows?**


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