TAMU Red Hat Academy Program Winter Break Plans

Howdy Red Hat Community!

The Red Hat Academy Program at Texas A&M is excited to share our plans during winter break to help students learn Linux administration skills and to launch our first year-round opportunity for students to learn.

We realized students have obligations such as school, a job, extracurriculars, and other personal time-consuming responsibilities that would prevent them from taking advantage of career-building opportunities such as RHA during the semester. 

This winter break Glenn @RedHatRogue and I will be helping Texas A&M students through the RH124 curriculum and also help them get the necessary resources to prepare for the PE124 exam.

We are super excited and we can't wait until finals are over to get started!

Next semester we will be more established to bring on more students and add additional curriculum to our program so we will be sure to share any other major updates.

If you are a Texas A&M student looking to get involved in RHA, please email

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Starfighter Starfighter

Love what you're doing TAMU. 

That's why you're a Tier-1 institution!

Trevor "Red Hat Evangelist" Chandler
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