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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

Was not able to use copy and paste from Provider Document to Exam Terminal

Recently I got failed in Red Hat Openshift Exam as I was not able to copy paste the content from Provider Red Hat Documentation to the exam terminal Window. I was using MacBook Pro ( 2016) and was attempting the exam virtually ( from Home). Is that a normal scenario? how about the exam center?

Any help in this regard would be highly appricated. 


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Starfighter Starfighter

I have not used a Mac for taking exams, but copy and paste works in several ways:


- Using Control-C & Control-V , or  Shift-Control-C & Shift-Control-V .

- Using the GUI controls (eg, select text and click on Edit -> Copy , Edit -> Paste)

- Using the mouse to select the text (it gets automatically copied into the clipboard) , and middle mouse button to paste the text.


I tend to use the first method, and works without issues.

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