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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

What books have been helpful in helping you study or complete your exam?

What books, podcasts, videos, or other resources have helped you as you work to complete your exam?

I'd love to potentially include a few responses in a round-up article for Enable Architect, listing people's favorite resources for studying for tech certifications. It can be anything you think could help someone else learn something new or solve a problem as they're looking. 

Community Manager, Enable Architect
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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Hi Trevor!

I work on the same team as -- it's a fantastic site! I'm happy you have their content in your back pocket because it is great.

I agree -- It depends on the person! 

Does PAM stand for privileged access management (I'm not a technical person, I just like learning from you all :))?

Community Manager, Enable Architect
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Starfighter Starfighter

Hello Marjorie,

You're not a technical person?   You're funny
Of course I know you're asking the question for
the benefit of the neophytes, so I'll oblige you.

PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules) - as that
middle term suggest, this mechanism is all about

Okay Marjorie, there you have it.  Thanks for putting
a smile on my face

Trevor "Red Hat Evangelist" Chandler
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