What do I do to get the exams?

I live in Russia, currently Jordanian, I studied for the rhcsa and rhce exams, but because of the sanctions, I can't apply for exams from inside Russian territory. Is there a way to apply for the above-mentioned exams?

Can I use (rdp) or (vpn) if this is legal because I hold Jordanian nationality, not Russian. Or do I have to travel to a neighboring country to apply for exams?
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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Hi Weliem
Taking the exam over RDP or VPN is not technically possible. For the exam, your computer needs to be booted from our Exam environment which is on a bootable USB stick (you are supposed to download the ISO file and place it onto your USB stick). The system boots fully locked and connect to our exam servers.
I am sorry the situation impacted you

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