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application foundations along with AKS.

What impact would using Application Foundations in conjunction with Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) instead of OpenShift have? What challenges or benefits will the implementation of AKS bring?

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Hello @practicante24- !

Since this is a learning community based around the Red Hat training materials and content - you won't get the desired product support or product specification advices unless someone can or wants to explicitly share it here. 

I think the obvious fields around which one can consider the challenges and benefits in the comparison of AKS and OpenShift are :

  • Installation & Deployment
  • Pricing ( based on the offerings )
  • Application architecture
  • Control over the underlying infrastructure ( self managed ?)
  • Integration of Development tools
  • Complexities ( supporting multiple runtimes or integration with other infra tools like RH tools and products )
  • Maintenance & Security

The choice depends on each organization's specific needs, priorities, and expertise. Both platforms offer a range of benefits and drawbacks, and the best choice for a particular organization will depend on its specific circumstances.

Please refer here the Red Hat ( OpenShift ) partnership with Microsoft : 


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