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ex200 failed, help me understand

Hi again,

so I failed hard at the ex200 today, please help me understand why.

In the important configuration information was mentioned one root password.

Does this mean all ssh connections will be made as root?

The first tasks on node2 was to add network settings. ssh said no route, probably because of the missing network settings?

So next step would have been to "open Console"? 

But there was no "Select a VM to control" and I found no way to start it, so was this realy the reason i failed?

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Hello @SamNeuer !

Thanks for reaching out ! 

Sorry to hear that you failed the RHCSA exam, I am sure you will pass it in your next attempt !

Without violating the NDA, I can say that - Reading the exam instructions is a very key aspect of any RH exam. We should give sufficient time to understand the requirements and environment details provided in the exam instructions.  

You are provided with server consoles - so as per the instructions ( which are pretty straightforward and simple ) - do the tasks as mentioned. 

Use the username and password provided in the instructions to log in and configure wherever it is asking to configure anything.

You have understood most things already, I would like to advice you to revisit the networking parts of the course and the topics covering  "Operate running systems, including booting into different run levels, identifying processes, starting and stopping virtual machines, and controlling services".

Refer the objectives here : 



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