remote : Permission to user.git denied

I m trying to e-learn this DO180 kubernates course I got struck 

git push --set-upstream origin testbranch

remote: permission to user/DO180-apps.git denied to the user I have no idea about how git works . Need your help to further proceed with the course

which says 

  1. [student@workstation ~]$ cd DO180-apps [student@workstation DO180-apps]$ git status # On branch master nothing to commit, working directory clean
  2. Create a new branch to test your new personal access token.

    [student@workstation DO180-apps]$ git checkout -b testbranch Switched to a new branch testbranch
  3. Make a change to the TEST file and then commit it to Git.

    [student@workstation DO180-apps]$ echo "DO180" > TEST [student@workstation DO180-apps]$ git add . [student@workstation DO180-apps]$ git commit -m "DO180" ...output omitted...
  4. Push the changes to your recently created testing branch.

    [student@workstation DO180-apps]$ git push --set-upstream origin testbranch Username for https://github.com: 


    Password for https://yourgituser@github.com: 


     ...output omitted...


    Enter your GitHub username,



    Enter your personal access token.

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