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Criteria to get RHA certification exam discount promocode

Dear all, 
Greetings. To get the RHA certification exam discount promocode, pls note the following criteria...
1. Students need to access a minimum of 50% course content (For RHCSA exam - both RH124 and RH134 courses separately). Students need to access it not in one go but across a few days / weeks
2. Student should be registered into a class on the RHA learning platform. S/he should be a part of the class with minimum 5 students
3. The RH134 batch should be launched on RHALP after the RH124 batch is over
4. Students should login and access the free cloud lab on RHALP as much as possible
5. Students should be registered on RHA Talent Network
Pls note as of now the first criteria is mandatory and the other criterias are recommended / advisable. Pls mail me 1:1 if you have any queries. Thanks and have a great week ahead.
Regards, Shirish
+91 99202 28866
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