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New Courses Release Announcement - DO188 (OpenShift Dev) and AD141 (Python)

Dear All, Greetings. Red Hat Academy is proud to announce the release of the following two new dev track courses:
Red Hat OpenShift Development I: Introduction to Containers with Podman (DO188) 

This 24 hours course is a new developer path that introduces students to building, running, and managing containers with Podman and Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. Students will build core skills for developing containerized applications through hands-on experience. Students following this course can take the first step in becoming Red Hat Certified Specialist in Containers (EX188) with the included certification exam.The OpenShift Administration path remains unchanged and Red Hat Academy will continue to offer DO180. 

Introduction to Python Programming (AD141)

Python is a popular programming language used by system administrators, data scientists, and developers to create web applications, custom Red Hat Ansible Automation modules, perform statistical analysis, and train AI/ML models. This 32 hours course introduces the Python language and teaches fundamental concepts like control flow, loops, data structures, functions, file I/O, regular expressions, parsing JSON, and debugging. 

Next Steps for Instructors: Stay up-to-date with the latest skills and be ready to help deliver the best possible learning experience to your students. We would appreciate it if you could launch a DO188 and an AD141 batch this month on the RHA learning platform for your students. Thanks again and happy learning & teaching !!!
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