Storage is Confusing

I just spent an hour+ last week explaining kubernetes storage to some students working on a project for me. I would love to see someone write a "learning path" or something that covers the following:

  • Storage Architecture (for lack of a better term)
    • in brief, the relationship between PVs, PVCs and mounts
      • keep in mind, many non-linux people don't know the word "mount" and don't get me started on "bind mount"
      • the "real" kube docs are way to detailed
    • why local storage doesn't work in a clustered environment
  • A recommendation, with a working example of a recommendation for very simple kubernetes storage where the deployment is a single machine (a la minikube)
    • i am imagining a yaml file that would set up the storage for a database as an example

Everything I have found (and my searching may just be bad) covers each storage "option" discretely (rather than how they all fit together) and/or very complex scenarios using cloud storage that may not be available to a beginner.


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+1 to the recommendation @langdon. This is something I have struggled with personally too, when I started working with stateful apps in K8s. It would be good to see a learning path or any other material on this topic.

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