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Community Manager
Community Manager

Welcome to the Red Hat remote learning peer support group

Open source represents community,  and working together to build something bigger than ourselves. Yes, the Red Hat Learning community strives to be a valued, community-backed platform where people come together to learn how to work with Red Hat products. But more than that, it is a place where people collaborate, connect, and support one another as they reach their individual, career, and learning goals.

As we are all impacted by current events, we wanted to create an area where open source practitioners can lift each other up, share best practices and come together to continue learning and innovating. 

This is an open discussion board where all are invited to start discussions, ask questions, share ideas, tips, stories, resources or guidance as we all continue to move forward during this time. 

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Flight Engineer Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Can I use my country national identity card to clarify my identity in the remote exam?.....(this national identity card is in my mother language not in English )...I don't have a driving license or a passport....Is their any alternative to clarify the identity except above method?

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How do I activate  my Red Hat online Learning basic subscription.  I have 2 subscriptions for the year need to add it to my account to start the trainings.

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