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What questions do you have about the Red Hat Training and Certification COVID-19 Response?

Hi all,

Red Hat recently published the official Red Hat Training and Certification COVID-19 Response

I have created this new thread to capture additional questions this community may have - but before posting a question below please consider the following:

- Red Hat Training + Certification has a wonderful support team ready to help, please leverage them as a resource and reach out to them here. We want to ensure everyone in our community is taken care of during this time! 

- Do you have a unique questions or situation? If so, your question is better suited for our learning team mentioned above.

- Do you have a question, advice, idea or resources that may benefit our learning community as we navigate this time? Feel free to post to the community, the peer support group, or this thread - we are all here to support and motivate one another.



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I feel stuck, as I have prepared for ansible exam & I can take it. Other cloud certifications exams are now provided online but I cant take them as I have already prepared for redhat exam. At least RedHat can provide subscription extension so that I can take other online certification & make use of the spare time during this lockdown.

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Hi All,

As we all know how covid-19 has impacted world and also somehow in some part we are impacted with Internet speed so unable to access training contents as it should be with normal Internet speed, so here I am looking if Red Hat helps to extend learning subscription for few months so that we can enjoy training and get the services we paid for, I've subscribed in Dec 19 and subscription started Jan 1 2020 so looking if can get some extention.



Rajeev Bhola

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Flight Engineer


Without RHLS, its almost impossible to sit the exam. In my case I have 260 lab hours left and only 30 days of RHLS before it expires. My plan was to get 3 exams done March-July but couldn't do so because of ongoing situation.Obviously I can download the Course PDF guides but without the RHLS lab setups , where can i practice?

RHLS is very expensive and I paid for it from my hard earned money/savings, I think its logical to expect that it gets extended,especially for people who have Lab hours still left to use.


Thanks !

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I really feel RedHat's response to the pandemic has been awfully lacking. No, there are no reduced prices from trainers whatsoever. No, the exam for RHCSA, the basic level, still costs 460€+VAT (that's a whopping 556€, or approx. SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS) for ANYONE. No, courses still average +2,000euros +vat. No, RedHat has done NOTHING for affected students in my country, and it's disgusting. That's why I consider your ceo's bland statement from March a gross disappintment. No updates from March? Really, RedHat?

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