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Changing the root password and getting this following error "authentication token manipulation err"

Hello Guys,


I can't even change the root password by the following steps;


replace, ro clash with rd.break enforcing=0

mount -o remount,rw /sysroot

chroot /sysroot



"Authentication token manipulation error"

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Hi Calamindas, you have your order a little around the wrong way.

EDIT - just tried that again with RH 8.2 and have had 0 luck with "enforcing=0"  Below changed & this works every time:

put "rd.break" after "quiet"

CTRL - x

chroot /sysroot

mount -o remount,rw /


touch /.autorelabel



It takes a little while to relabel everything, but as I said, I have no joy with "enforcing=0"

Hope this works for you, cheers.

Starfighter Starfighter

Here's the concise intructions I give my students. I just did it on my own system - to verify it works under the latest release.

1. Stop the boot process by pressing any key during the grub bootloader. I like to use cursor up / down. Select the kernel you want to load / edit (usually the first one listed).

2. Press e to edit

3. Cursor down to the line that begins with linux (linux16 before RHEL 8)

4. Press the End key on the keyboard to go to the end of the line. Enter in this text: rd.break (note that adding enforcing=0 does absolutely nothing as SELinux isn't loaded anyway -- this little piece of advice has, seemingly, reached the level of urban legend).

NOTE: There may be information that needs to be removed, such as console and / or vconsole directives (i.e.: console=tty or console=ttyS0,115200n8) -- this would be mostly true under certain virtual machine installations.

5. Press Ctrl-x

6. At the switch_root:/# prompt enter: mount -oremount,rw /sysroot

7: At the switch_root:/# prompt enter: chroot /sysroot

8: At the sh-4.4# prompt enter: passwd root

9: At the sh-4.4# prompt enter: touch /.autorelabel

10: At the sh-4.4# prompt enter: exit

11: At the switch_root:/# prompt enter: exit

At this point the system will reboot and relabel the SELinux contexts on files as neded (including on /etc/shadow). It may reboot a second time.

Once finished, use the new root password to log in.

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Hi @Tracy_Baker @AndrewC ,


Thank you guys, for sparing your time by explaining this particular task, and I won't miss it next time.


I really appreciate it. 



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