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Cleaning up a linux mess.

I have been playing with Linux for a year or so. I have made some stupid mistakes and would now like to begin with a clean slate. My computer is an oldie but a goodie, and still very useful. It is an LGA 1150 with an i7 and 32gb of RAM. I have already installed Mint, and then Installed Ubuntu. When I made the change, I did something wrong because I have 2 hard drives that I cannot use. I can mount and read but not save to…still much to learn, but am satisfied, in general with ubuntu! I have a 250gb NVMe that, according to my manual, can be a bootable drive after getting a cmos update. I want to install the OS on the NVMe. 250gb is more than enough for Ubuntu. I was thinking of installing the apps there as well. I have 3 ssd drives, a 64 gb, a 128 gb and a 250gb. I have 3 x 3 tb mechanical hard drives. I also have a card reader plugged into an usb port all the time, 3 printers, a second NIC card (one on the mobo) and 3 extra video cards (plus the one built into the mobo) that i want to use altogether - awesome video experience!. i want to install a sound card this time (not use the onboard card) I also have a usb dock that lets me plug in 3.5 or 2.5 hard drives in externally and read them. I also have a couple of thumb drives. I would like to have a virtual machine with Windows installed on it or is it better to simply install windows on the 64gb ssd?
How should I go about the change? Do I have to “turn off” my hard drives before I make the change? I have heard that there is a command that will make all media useable (read and write). What is that? I probably have too many ssds….how should I use them?

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In spite of the fact that Linux doesn't mess up like Windows, it might be helpful to at times tidy up Linux. Particularly in frameworks with a littler hard drive it very well may be helpful to clean Linux. Once in a while tidying up Linux must be done regularly or week by week premise, 1 time for each month is more than adequate.

Linux Mint can be tidied up by methods for the accompanying:

Terminal orders

There are 3 terminal orders which you can go through top clean Linux Mint. Every terminal will be clarified about what they do and expel. Every one of the three orders add to let loose circle salt likit space.

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