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Mission Specialist

Download RHEL 8 repositories for air gap installation

I'm trying to create a RHEL 8 minimum repository for offline installation as was performed in RHEL 7 but the same procedure produces partial results. I am following this procedure:

    • Install vanilla RHEL 8
      • make sure there is 10G available under /var/local/repos
    • Install all the extra packages required (in my case I am installing Foreman 2.1)
    • Find all the pertinent repositories:
yum list installed | awk '{ print $3 }' | sort -u > repolist.txt
    • Run the following script for all repositories as found:
for i in `cat repolist.txt`
for j in `yum list installed | grep @${i} | awk '{print $1}'`
yum -y reinstall $j --downloadonly --downloaddir=/var/local/repos/${j}
  • Compare the results per repository with what is returned from 'yum list installed` and there are differences.
    • What makes this step very difficult is the naming difference between the RPM name and the repository name

If I try downloading the missing RPMs manually I fail on many interesting comments like the RPM is in cache.

Afterwards there are added complications with creating the repodata (see for required additional tools).

Eddy Resnick
Bynet Data Communications Ltd., Israel
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