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Download RHEL 8 repositories for air gap installation

I'm trying to create a RHEL 8 minimum repository for offline installation as was performed in RHEL 7 but the same procedure produces partial results. I am following this procedure:

    • Install vanilla RHEL 8
      • make sure there is 10G available under /var/local/repos
    • Install all the extra packages required (in my case I am installing Foreman 2.1)
    • Find all the pertinent repositories:
yum list installed | awk '{ print $3 }' | sort -u > repolist.txt
    • Run the following script for all repositories as found:
for i in `cat repolist.txt`
for j in `yum list installed | grep @${i} | awk '{print $1}'`
yum -y reinstall $j --downloadonly --downloaddir=/var/local/repos/${j}
  • Compare the results per repository with what is returned from 'yum list installed` and there are differences.
    • What makes this step very difficult is the naming difference between the RPM name and the repository name

If I try downloading the missing RPMs manually I fail on many interesting comments like the RPM is in cache.

Afterwards there are added complications with creating the repodata (see https://github.com/rpm-software-management/modulemd-tools for required additional tools).

Eddy Resnick
Bynet Data Communications Ltd., Israel
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