EX318 Red Hat Virtualization - attempt it but fail, because its buggy

First I tell you this, I am prepared for the exam. I know the product is deprecating soon, but heck give it a try. I done VMware training, PowerVM training, why not this.

The exam has like 15 tasks to be completed. Within hour, I confidently says I had answer all the way to 13 questions, I remember this vividly because last 2 questions are relative short - snapshots and backup.

Then boom I stuck at task 12: where I were supposed to install and boot a VM from RHEL8.0 ISO. I was able to complete all objectives in the task, until it kick start install from script. During installation, it is so obvious it failed due to bug or error. It says there "dracut failed to ... something I cant remember". the same incident happens during my practice in rol.redhat.com. NOTE: I had a year RHLS with RH. I can literally practice over and over again. When I was doing the practice, same thing happens, I escalate the issue - an "expert" came over and told me that is bug/known issue - "the solution is reboot the VMs". So I did, and wholla, the issue go away. That is during the practice. That is exactly what I thought off. In exam, I reboot the VM and use the exact instruction given by the "Critical configuration information given by the exam instructions (I mean the first / top page)

After rebooted all the VMs (rhvh1, rhvh2, rhvm, storage ) thru ctrl+alt+del >> I waited for like good 5 minutes (again I remember this vividly bcos I asked for toilet break which limit to 5 minutes) I mean probebly less than that though. Then I face these series of problem, the data center is uninitialize, the hosts are inactive, storage domain is inactive, all hell break loose!!.

So I went around attempt to revive all that, unfortunately I only managed to revive the hosts. I thought to myself, heck lets redo all these. I still have like another hour to go. I managed to finish all the tasks before all this within hour anyways. 

Recreate DC - ok, re-create cluster - ok , re-add hosts - perfect. Recreate the domain - stuck! iSCSI target says no new device/lun configured . This is like the 3-4th task which is crucial , without it how can i proceed with other tasks? Then I went into the iSCSI target and perform targetcli ls and systemctl restart target, everything is in order. Still the same! 

There is no instruction/tasks in the exam to instruct us on configure or start the iSCSI target, so we got to assume if everything rebooted, all the utility, storage server, networking stuff (not related to RHVH) should have restarted and functional.

So I talked to the proctor and raise this issue, as usual - he will says follow the instruction. I say the instruction never mention about installing and configuring iSCSI target, then he goes and grab I think a more senior proctor which says the same thing.

So here is the thing, I am not asking for retake and simply pass me. All I need is sit down with the proctor, let me proof them I did all the objectives and literally restart the RHVH1, RHVH2, Storage, and RHVM and record the session. If all goes smoothly then I move on, attempt retake. If not pls do something about it!

I mean: RH is a great company, RHVH may not be good product, RH exam/certificate is highly sought after. I kind of scare to take another RH exam and promote this to the world, PS: I am trainer myself.

I took the exam on 21-June-2022. Technology has evolved become smart. Human; together with system should be smarter too.

email: jasonwcc@yahoo.com

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