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Facing container download, start , enable service issue with podman on RHEL 8.0 and 8.2

Dear Community,

I am facing some of issues while working with podman,

Issue # 1

 I am using RHEL 8.0 , have trial subscription as i am on practice for my exam , when download any container from rootless user always facing this below issue.

WARN[0000] Failed to mount subcription , skipping entry in /usr/share/container/mounts.conf.................................... permission denied.

but i do the same with root user it always success.  (Please help)



Issue # 2

1- $ mkdir /home/kashif/.config/systemd/user
2- $ cd /home/kashif/.config/systemd/user
3- $ podman generate systemd --new --name rsyslog_server --files   ("Unable to run this on RHEL 8.0")


Issue # 3 with RHEL 8.2 

When i do try on RHEL 8.2 upper steps done, but unabe to process below commands.

1- $ systemctl enable --user --now container-rsyslog_server.service
2- $ systemctl status --user container-rsyslog_server.service


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Flight Engineer


Why don't you create an account on Red Hat Developer? Then you can have access to a valid subscription with no costs.

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Flight Engineer

Have you tried creating a lingering user just for the service?  

It looks like you're issueing those commands from your own user shell, but it's hard to tell without a `whoami`

The way I setup a container as a service is start with these commands:

sudo useradd syslogsa

sudo passwd syslogsa


ssh syslogsa@myhost

loginctl enable-linger


Then run the rest of the commands you're having issues with, though ...

>Issue # 2

>1- $ mkdir /home/kashif/.config/systemd/user

You'll need a -p to mkdir.  That command shouldn't work unless that user's homedir already has those dirs, and in that case it's not a clean dir to test from anyways.


I tested on 8.2 and the systemd unit file was created in my new, lingering user's directory.

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