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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

Find and Retrieve images from a remote registry

I met a odd scenario as follows:

The /etc/container/registries.conf does not contain the three necessary sections correctly— search or whatever name), registries.insecure, and registries.block; 

But the attempt to login to the remote registry shows success from the terminal, but when trying to retrieve images from it, the attempt failed with errors: initializing registry errors or unable to find the image, blahblah.

Based on the comments in the /etc/container/registries.conf, "the only valid categories are —, registries.insecure, and registries.block"; Does this mean login to the registry-- this behaviour is not controlled by this conf?

I was wondering if some experts can explain it about this odd scenario.

Thanks in advance.

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Starfighter Starfighter

You agreed to the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) when you took the exam. It basically states that you may not disclose anything from the exam. If your post doesn't violate the NDA, it seems awfully close to it.

You CAN discuss objectives, because those are publicly posted (

You may want to rephrase your question in the context of the relevant objective, which is:

  • Find and retrieve container images from a remote registry
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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

Thanks so much for reminding me of it and your instruction.

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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

I guess I figured it out the reason why I cannot retrieve images from a remote registry. Sorry for my mistake and no intention to violate NDA. I will close the post.

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