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RHEL8 - IdM Server Installation

How do I install IdM on RHEL8 (actual process is below ... real question at bottom of post)?

  • RHEL8 has the BaseOS channel and AppStreams where modules are stored. Seen below, the IdM server packages are in the DL1 module stream.
# yum module list
idm    DL1             adtrust, client, dns, server, default [d]    The Red Hat Enterprise Linux Identity Management system module   
idm    client [d]      default [d]                                  RHEL IdM long term support client module


  • Enable the DL1 Module stream
# yum module enable idm : DL1

 and perform a distrosync to ensure everything is up-to-date.

FYI: There are no spaces between the ":" and the "D", but it kept doing a :D which turned into emojis.


# yum distro-sync
  •  Install the IdM Server packages (to get ipa-server-install)
yum module install idm: DL1/server


NOTE: If you need DNS services or AD Trust pieces, you nede to instrall the proper module components.

# yum module info --profile idm: DL1

... Output Omitted ...
Name : idm:DL1:20180913175525:5986f621:x86_64 adtrust ipa-idoverride-memberof-plugin ipa-server-trust-ad client ipa-client dns ipa-server ipa-server-dns server ipa-server default ipa-client


  • Perform IdM/IPA installation normally now that all required RPMs have been downloaded


The above steps basically answer the question of how to install the IdM server components in RHEL8, so why does this question exist? 

To answer my curiousity with naming and modules/AppStreams ...


Why is the IdM Client idm:client ?


Why isn't the IdM Server group called idm:server ?


What does DL1 stand for?


Travis Michette, RHCA XIII
Red Hat Certification + Training
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