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I'm a new Linux user. I recently purchased a self-support subscription of RHEL. I am having issues understanding documents because I don't know the terms used in those documents. I think maybe I am not following the documents sequentially.  Can anybody help me to understand where I should look for materials and resources?

What I could able to do so far:
Proper installation, register and subscribe my system, create a user account.

Next targets:

VNC server set up so all the users can access the system and work in parallel, software installation, which will be usable for all users, user management. 


Thanks for your time!

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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer


the RHEL documentation is here


you should start with "Planning" and go on with "Installation"

but if you are a user with little or no Linux knowledge i strongly recommend attending a course. This will save you a lot of time and definitely worth it.

If you choose to attend a Red Hat course you can go with these:

Red Hat System Administration I (RH124)

Red Hat System Administration II (RH134)


Matteo Calcagnini
Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

In addition to @matteoclc's excellent pointer to the official documentation and introductory courses, the UNIX & Linux Stack Exchange site has thousands of questions relating to a huge variety of topics, all at various levels of expertise. There are tags that can filter the searches down, such as:

* Linux in general

* RHEL specifically

You may find some Questions & Answers there that can help increase your understanding of UNIX & Linux topics.


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