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Flight Engineer

Should we need ignore discard block with mkfs command?

I'm learning from RHLS with Manage Basic Storage, so the lession is 

-K Do not attempt to discard blocks at mkfs time.



mkfs.xfs /dev/vdb1 



Should we need to specific -K option in EX200 exam?

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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

Hi @huyvl3-fptcloud,

Hope your question is still relevant; I had taken the exam recently and I did not use the -K option when I formated a partition and everything was fine.

Also based on the RHEL documentation: "Block discard operations allow SSDs to optimize garbage collection routines, and they can inform thinly-provisioned storage to repurpose unused physical blocks."

I think that this option is usefull when you prepare a system to be used in production with high count of I/O operations, something like a DB server with SSD storage.
In an exam environment I do not think that the -K option will do much.

I hope this helps.


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