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Start with RHEL8 without having RHEL8

Hello Platform and Linux folks.  Prior to Red Hat Summit, I had started working on content for people to use RHEL8 and experiment with some of the new features included with it without necessarily having access to RHEL8.  My team and I have made a series of brief labs on a variety of RHEL8 topics, specifically:

Deploying containers with podman

Building containers with buildah

Enabling and using Terminal Session Recording

Changing the system-wide cryptographic policy (crypto-policy)

Building deployable system images with image builder

Managing software using application streams

and more...

Right now there are nine labs it the catalog, available from I'll be working on some more of these as well, so the catalog will continue to grow as time goes on.  

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Awesome, thanks Scott! Looking forward to try Kernel Tracing with eBPF. I have seen a presentation from Keith at Summit, that looked neat.

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