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What to consider for exam (EX294) RHCEv8 or RHCEv9?


Can anyone please confirm me about RHCEv9 exam what is the ansible version that we would be using in it?

I was preparing for RHCEv8 with ansible engine then I got the news that RHCSAv8 will expire in May-2023 so I decided to practice for RHCEv9 assuming it may also expire in this year so I installed RHEL9 and search for repos,

[root@RHEL9-WORKSTATION ~]# subscription-manager repos --list | grep -iv 'debug\|source' | grep ID | grep -i ansible
Repo ID: ansible-automation-platform-2.3-for-rhel-9-x86_64-rpms
Repo ID: ansible-automation-platform-2.2-for-rhel-9-x86_64-rpms

got these 2 repos in search result enabled the 2.2 repo but when I try to install ansible it didn't find it

moving forward, I installed ansible-core but it does not have firewall & other basic modules which were available in ansible-engine 

how can I practice for RHCEv9 ?

what should I chose to install ansible-automation-platform or ansible-engine ?

and how to install ?

has RHCEv8 already expired ?

(if no how much time I have)


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Hi @cyb3rx ,

EX294 is available on the latest RHEL 9. The course to refer is RH294. 

Please refer this link for the same : 

This course is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 and Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform 2.2.

If you have a ROL ( Red Hat Online Learning )  subscription , please enrol into RH294 course and practice there.

If not , please write to for the same and they will help you with enrolment. 

Regarding your query about the future availability of EX294 in RHEL 8 , please submit your query here to our exam support team : , They will surely help you on this.


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