Which Desktop Linux Distro is recommended for the following laptop.

I'd like a good looking from the beginning, average speed, Linux Distribution.

I want to keep using an upgraded ASUS X540SA for basic activities (writer documents, spreadsheets, presentations, web browsing).
Current specifications:
Intel Celeron N3050, running on Integrated Graphics
Adata 120GB SSD, 500GB HDD
4GB RAM @ 1600MHz

I currently have Windows 10 installed, but it randomly gets too slow while trying to do the above. This means, since it worked well at least once, it is a software fault and that's why I'd like to move to Linux again on it.

I previously ran Manjaro XFCE, Linux Mint XFCE and Xubuntu. These were alright overall but had some visual issues, the Windows 98-like trails, and such. I got no time for tweaking, so the distro should look good from the start. But back then I didn't had a SSD and most mainstream distros were way too laggy, even the XFCE booted in 10 minutes.

I don't like KDE. No KDE, please. I didn't have issues with it but I simply don't like it

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