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Which Red Hat Linux Courses are right for me? Rh124, RH134, RH254, RH199, RH299, RH135, RH255, RH300

Most of the students get in the correct course when they come to a class.

But sometimes, a student doesn’t know which course to choose for a variety of reasons.

And many students from other courses (Openstack, Ansible, etc.) ask me the correct path considering their Linux skills.

Here I will try to explain all the possibilities or combinations to do all our Linux courses.

Courses that prepare you to become Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA/EX200)

  • RH124 (5 days)
  • RH134 (4 days)

After these two courses (9 days) you should be prepared (with some extra work or previous experience from you) to do this exam:

  • EX200/RHCSA

Before booking the course/courses and exam, you have to make one decision here. Do the exam on Friday after RH134, or do it on a later date. Both options has advantages and disadvantages:

If you do the exam on Friday after RH134, you just practiced for the exam for the whole week:

  • RH135: RH134 plus EX200 on Friday

On the other hand, if this was really something new for you, maybe you would rather prefer to wait a bit, and schedule the exam some weeks later.

This is the normal path, if you have little or no previous experience, for example windows sys-admins, or new to the Linux world, a developer, storage people coming to Linux, networking people, etc.

Now, if you are an experienced Linux sys-admin, which is mostly interested in achieving the RHCSA exam, maybe you want to do something called the Fast Track:

  • RH199 (4 days)

This course, takes chapters from RH124 and RH134. So if you have considerable previous experience, maybe you don’t want to do the full 9 days, and prefer this option.

  • RH200 (RH199+EX200). You can have the fast track and EX200 in the same week J

Courses that prepare you to become Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE)

  • RH254 ( 4 days )

If you want to do the exam, this is the code:

  • EX300

We have to make the same decision about taking the course and the exam on the same week. Same pros and cons as with EX200 on Friday.

  • RH255 (RH254+EX300 on Friday)

And, there is yet another Fast Track to get both exams the same week, which is this bundle:

  • RH299 ( 4 days )

This is for very experienced Linux sys-admins, and/or people that is already certified in previous versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Basically you will get all manuals for RH124, RH134 and RH254. This course is special. The instructor only teaches 8 chapters during the four days (two each day). These chapters are new content for RH7. The rest of the time, it’s like a workshop, where the students decide where their weaknesses are, and let them practice for the exams they will most probably do on Friday:

  • EX200
  • EX300

Yes, some students do this fast track and then on Friday they do both exams.

Yes, I know the question you are thinking right now. What happens if I pass EX300 and fail EX200? No worries at all. Red Hat will save your results until you pass the EX200. Certainly you will not become RHCE until you pass EX200, but you won’t have to repeat the exam. And when you pass the EX200 you will become RHCSA and RHCE the same day.

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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

I believe the recommended path should be like the path shown below -

RH124 ---> RH134 ---> RH254 ---> RH413 ---> RH342 ---> CL210, 310 ---> DO405 ---> DO407

Depends on which techs such as cloud, middleware, datacenter etc. you like most.
My Red Hat certification certification path was learning -




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i want to do the redhat certification,

& i will start from rhcsa

so can anyone guide me.

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Flight Engineer Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Hi @Rushikesh ,

You could start with RH124 and RH134 courses and going for the RHCSA certification exam(a.k.a. EX200).

Best of luck


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Ok boss
One last question can I do self that using my system?
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Flight Engineer Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Rushikesh, if by "self that using my system" you meant self-study you definitely can prepare really good for the exam. Stick to the objectives, be patient and look at 3rd party guides for RHCSA- I think plenty to choose from.

The big advantage of taking the official course is the condensed knowledge- in short amount of time you get to learn a lot.

Look at the objectives carefully. Even if you are not new to Linux and have a bit of an experience with that platform, topics like ACLs, extending LVMs, SELinux troubleshooting, authconfig will probably be brand new to you.



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