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Mission Specialist

Why am I failing my RHCSA V9 exam?

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 Hello Everyone, 

I have been retaking the EX200V9K (RHCSA) exam and I can't even reach the passing score. 

This is how my exam results looked like, and I do appreciate your thoughts on how to improve:

         Manage basic networking: 100%
         Understand and use essential tools: 56%
         Operate running systems: 33%
         Configure local storage: 50%
         Create and configure file systems: 50%
         Deploy, configure and maintain systems: 88%
         Manage users and groups: 100%
         Manage security: 100%
         Manage containers: 67%

It has been like this for the many times I have retaken the exam. 

Appreciate your suggestions on how to increase the score of every objective.


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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Hi @Wael_Abdellatif ,

I am happy to see that how serious you are. I believe you are a good system admin by heart.

Redhat wants to test not only our skill but also how we can think out of the box sometimes. IE. They want you to create a partition but there is no space / disk in the system, what will you do ? Redhat wants to allow a service in the system but do we check if the service is running or accessible from outside ?

Let tell you something about my exam. I know how good I am in shell scripting with 10 years of skill in production. But for scipting I got a 0% mark in the exam. That happened because I did not understand the question.

Answering to your question, It does not matter if you use GPT or MBR, all you need to know the difference between them and when to use those different partition table.

However, its common to fail in redhat exams. Just get used to it. 

Once again, READ the question carefully. Reboot everytime after creating / mounting a partition.

best of luck.



Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Hi @kaiser , what are the answer of the storage questions you mentioned?

Thanks in advance

Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Its not allowed to share exam questions and answers. I am sorry.  please read the whole book. RHCSA is an easy exam.

Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer
I have passed rhcsa exam today but thing I can’t understand I have configured network parfectly and rebooted my node and to bo sure that network remote but my big surprise nothing in configuration network.
seriously I begin lost trust to redhat I thought persons whose correct exams failed studies voluntarily so that to do training in center.
It’s impossible for me to fail this exam because network isn’t configured I don’t think that I mastered this point. However this exam the last chance if not passed I give up because I work very hard no time to waste.
I take exams for only my expert no matter I have worked for longtemps without certificate redhat I can continuously do the same. clearly i lost trust redhat.
Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

@kaiser Thanks Kaiser! 

I have retaken and passed my RHCSA exam.


Wow, I was able to complete all but one of the tasks and ensure they survived reboot, but I only got 71 points. The test is easy, but trying to figure out how to get the scoring script to acknowledge your work is impossible. 

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