Why no shareware on Linux?

A few years ago, I switched from macOS where I supported at least a dozen shareware developers for various apps and utilities.

Under Linux, I do what I can as a non-programmer to support the cause: report bugs, donate, etc., but the other day it hit me - I can't think of a single piece of shareware on Linux.

I understand the GPL, but I'd still pay $10 a year for a utility like Dash to Dock or Conky, for example, but those developers don't even offer a way to donate.

I can hear the argument now about a passion for Linux, love of code, ... but that don't put food on the table!

So what is it about Linux and the lack of Shareware and general lack of commercial software? (BTW, I'm not equating GOOD with COMMERCIAL. I'd actually pay to purchase Shotwell. It's that important of an app to me.)

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