what is latest 7.6 kernel latest version?

I am trying to find out "how to find" the information you gave.

We have RHEL7.6 here and a "yum list kernel" shows that the latest available version is 3.10.0-957.12.2.el7. We use a RH satellite here.

As you said, on the page we saw there seems to be a newer version on that "branch" (3.10.0-957.35.2.el7 ).

I don't know why it's not showing me that xxx.35.2 version instead of xxx.12.2.


Also, how are we supposed to know that a xxx.957.yyy is associated with RHEL7.6 and not, for example, RHEL7.7?

I see we find all versions in the drop down menu, but as you indicated these are all versions of Kernel available. In reality, they are some versions associated with some versions of RHELXX (Or I should say "available exclusively from RHELXX").


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