Two version of RH294

Hi, I enrolled RH294 training via partner portal catalog. But today I accidentally found the 9.0 version. I noticed the already enrolled version is 8.4. 


@cschunke Do you know why there is two version and which one I must follow? 


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Flight Engineer

Halil, I ran into the same thing. Started with the v8 course, until I accidentally ended up in the v9 course. V9 is latest and greatest of course. You'll have to look how long V8 exams will be available. There are many differences between V8 and V9; main is that V8 will use ansible-playbook, while V9 will run everything in an "execution environment" container with ansible-navigator. So if you choose for V9 you will have to restart the course from the beginning.


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I noticed also that now there is possibility to switch between courses version via special button:


Main difference I can see is that the V9 is focusing on new product "Red Hat Ansible Automation Platfom" and V8 is focusing on "Ansible upstream project". Some official explanation is located here.

I would be interested how is it with certification now, since these products are quite different in usage. I am taking this course because of EX294 Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) exam and now I am planning to take both V8 and V9 just to be ready



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