Can IDM be integrated with AD and use a separate ldap server only for storing automount maps ?


I have this usecase where I would like to migrate from a specific infrastructure to IDM.

I would like to use IDM connected with AD with one-way Trust - AD.

The potential issue that I've already encountered is that the AD schema cannot be extended with automount attributes needed in our case.

Therefore , I would like to connect IDM to AD ,but I want to use a separate ldap server only for storing automount information , which will be isolated from AD or any other service and to be used only for providing automount maps to IdM.

Has anyone experience or knowledge if that's even possible in this setup ?


Thank you


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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

By default, the automount mapping is stored in Directory Server with the rest of the IdM data, doesn't this work for your "separate LDAP server" (separate from AD)?

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