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host installation via kickstart (aprovision host)

hello good day!!

I have a problem that when restarting the server server "e" to perform the installation via kickstart the selector menu appears but there is a cycle in time several times.



I check the data entered(subnet,domain,host groups, and  create host) in the satellite server as well as TShoting but I don't see any problems,


When I press tab the following appears but it does not advance,




What would be my mistake or is it the laboratory worker?



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@CristianMarquez -

You didn't say for which exercise this was for, but I believe you missed one ore more pieces in the instructions. You have PXE partially setup. One of the things I know you missed if thiis is for the "Configure and Provision a Content Host" exercise is adjusting the PXE template (I think) as you have capsule for port 8000. 

Another reason you might not be getting things is if you don't have the Kickstart trees synced and avaialble. 

I can tell you these exercises work and I can also say things are easy to mess up (especially if you aren't careful with reading the directions and jumping around). I can tell you that it would appear at least some of the items are working as you did get to retrieve IP address (DHCP), you also got to see a Kickstart/PXE menu (maybe not the right one, but you are seeing one), and it looks like it was trying. Without seeing the other error message and the loop, it might be harder to exactly pinpoint. 

I would encourage to see if it shows can't connect to capsule or something before it starts boot loop again - check URL there and DNS is working. I would also check to ensure the content is syncrhonized. Things in Chapter 9 depended on the exercises being complete and correct from CH8, so it might be needed to go back and re-sync/publish, etc from CH8.

If you do make changes to the provisioning templates, remember to republsh them (Step 10) from the discovery provisioning exercise.


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