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Getting started in the Red Hat Academy Open Tech series EMEA group!

Welcome to the Red Hat Academy Open Tech series EMEA group! We have created this checklist to kickstart your journey in the community. 

  1. Read the group welcome post.Screen Shot 2021-11-11 at 10.03.23 AM.png
  2. Subscribe to this group by navigating to the more menu on the group home screen, and clicking "Subscribe". Here you can stay updated on future events, episodes and more.
  3. Complete your RHLC profile and user bio.
  4. Preview Episode 2 for the EMEA Open Tech Series. 
  5. Explore the core RHA Group.
  6. Start a new topic, ask a question or join one of the discussions in the Red Hat Open Tech series EMEA group or the global Red Hat Academy forum. 
  7. Introduce yourself to the global Red Hat Academy group members here.
  8. Kudo a post you like in the community.
  9. Search for answers on questions you have by using the search bar at the top of the page.
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