Welcome to the Red Hat Academy Open Tech series

Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer
Red Hat Academy is offering an EMEA Open Tech Series, including 4 interactive sessions for students and instructors of partnered academic institutions throughout 2021/2022. Red Hat technical experts will complement Red Hat Academy training by providing broader insights into IT industry trends, and guidelines on how to succeed in the job market.

You will get inspired and understand how teams work in an open business culture with open practices and methodologies by hand of our exclusive board of panelists, internationally recognized advocates of Red Hat.

The 4 sessions below are consecutive and will be delivered throughout 2021/2022. We encourage you to attend each of the sessions to better understand the concepts and the flow of discussions.
How to get started with EMEA Open Techs in the Learning Community?
1. Create a profile and join the EMEA Open Tech group
  • Go to learn.redhat.com
  • Log-in with your Red Hat ID (external SSO ID)
  • Upon first log-in you will create a display name
  • Engage in the EMEA Open Tech group and core Red Hat Academy group.

2. Click on EMEA Open Tech Blog section (right handside) and access the Episode 2 article.

3. Read through and insert your questions in the Forum hyperlinked there.
4. Insert the questions that are important to you in the Forum of Episode 2. We will get your questions answered in the upcoming episode.
5. In case you like the questions of your peers you can Kudo a post - so that we know this is as well important for you.