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Flight Engineer

DIY and you

Hey folks,

So I am the core developer of the Universal Classroom Foundation (UCF) which is the underlying design of our in-person/local hardware deliveries but also our self-paced online offerings.

For me, this provides a new avenue of communication for our RHA partners to poke/interact with me about ideas/challenges that you are facing. I want to hear from not only instructor/facility folks but also our RHA students. I have almost three decades of experience with our traditional delivery partners worldwide but my real joy has always been about the students. I want to share the future that is Open Source with the world and have always been excited about making that happen for *everyone*.

Feel free to ping me here or privately. I want to be your advocate in your technical journey!


HIghlander of UCF (Classroom Lab Environment)
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S_Russell Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Re: DIY and you

There was a recent change to video classrooms. Now when I login, from either Safari, Chrome, or Firefox, I receive a message that 

Popup Blocker Check  FAIL

Flash check FAIL

I can continue beyond this but what content issues would I have by not having flash installed?

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